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Top-One Innovations and Inventions are here!


You probably wanted: Suninvention.com ?

Sun-Invention invented a Solar-System for everyone. Even for people who have no own roof. You can just plug it into your wall. It feeds the energy of the sun right into the mains. Inside of your home. So, the electricity-meter will turn slower. One can put it in the garden, on the balcony or on the ledge(es). It is a giant success and step forward.
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! Solar-Energy for non-rich !
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New invention from young geeks

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The Bare Conductive team was brought together through a common love of experimentation and exploration.

Bare Conductive Ltd. focuses on the development and manufacture of electrically conductive materials. In the fall of 2011, Bare launched its first product, Bare Paint. This is the first non-toxic conductive paint aimed at individuals interested in engaging with interactive electronics and in bringing surfaces to life. :=) Bare's products provide users with an exciting platform perfect for prototyping, experimenting, and learning about electronics.:=)

The Company's goal is to engage people of all ages with electronics and technology. Bare Conductive Ltd. was founded by four postgraduate students from the Innovation Design Engineering Course at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London. The Company received an Honorable Mention at the Prix ARS Electronica in 2010, and won the Technology Strategy Board's 2011 Disruptive Solutions competition. At Bare, the team is passionate about working alongside makers, hobbyists, artists, geeks, and engineers to develop innovative applications for Bare Pain.
:=) :=) Hint: ask for a sample.
They have LED`s, Battery-holders . . .
Phantastic examples are here:
For all ages, professions, grades - But only for creative!

The vacuum cleaner of the future is with us

http://www.dyson.co.uk/The great Mr. Dyson helped design the Sea Truck in 1970 while studying at the Royal College of Art. :=)His first original invention, the Ballbarrow, was a modified version of a wheelbarrow using a ball instead of a wheel. This was featured on the BBC's Tomorrow's World television programme. Dyson stuck with the idea of a ball which his brother had thought of, inventing the Trolleyball, a trolley that launched boats. He then designed the Wheelboat,[5] which could travel at speeds of 64 kilometers per hour (40 mph) on both land and water. In the late 1970s, Dyson had the idea of using cyclonic separation to create a vacuum cleaner that would not lose suction as it picked up dirt. He became frustrated with his Hoover Junior’s diminishing performance: The dust bag kept becoming clogged with loads of dust thus reducing suction. The cyclone idea came from the spray-finishing room's air filter in his Ballbarrow factory.[citation needed] Partly supported by his wife's salary as an art teacher, and after five years and many prototypes, Dyson launched the "G-Force" cleaner in 1983. However, no manufacturer or distributor would handle his product in the UK, as it would disturb the valuable market for replacement dust bags, so Dyson launched it in Japan through catalogue sales.[6] Manufactured in bright pink, the G-Force sold for the equivalent of £2,000. It won the 1991 International Design Fair prize in Japan. He obtained his first U.S. patent on the idea in 1986 (U.S. Patent 4,593,429). After failing to sell his invention to the major manufacturers, Dyson set up his own manufacturing company, Dyson Ltd. In June 1993, he opened his research centre and factory in Malmesbury, Wiltshire. :=) Dyson's breakthrough in the UK market more than ten years after the initial idea, was through a TV advertising campaign in which it was emphasised that, unlike most of its rivals, it did not require the continuing purchase of replacement bags. At that time, the UK market for disposable cleaner bags was £100 million. The slogan "say goodbye to the bag" proved more attractive to the buying public than a previous emphasis on the suction efficiency that its technology delivers. Ironically, the previous step change in domestic vacuum cleaner design had been the introduction of the disposable bag — users being prepared to pay extra for the convenience. The Dyson Dual Cyclone became the fastest-selling vacuum cleaner ever made in the UK, which outsold those of some of the companies that rejected his idea and has become one of the most popular brands in the UK.[7] In early 2005, it was reported that Dyson cleaners had become the market leaders in the United States by value (though not by number of units sold). Following his success, other major manufacturers began to market their own cyclonic vacuum cleaners. Dyson sued Hoover UK for patent infringement and won around $5 million in damages[vague]. In a highly controversial and bitterly opposed move,[8] his manufacturing plant moved from England to Malaysia, for economic reasons and because of difficulty acquiring land for expansion, leaving 800 workers redundant in 2002. The company's headquarters and research facilities remain in Malmesbury. Dyson later stated that because of the cost savings from transferring production to Malaysia, he was able to invest in research and development at Malmesbury,[citation needed] but further redundancies at Malmesbury were subsequently announced in 2008.[9] In 2005, Dyson incorporated the wheel ball from his Ballbarrow concept into a vacuum cleaner, creating the Dyson Ball, with the aim of making it more manoeuvrable.
:=) :=) The genious Mr. Dyson is really a Master of the air ! He made a part of the future come true.

The greatest smaller turbine i found:

TURBINA ENERGY AG:=) - is a Munich / Germany based company specializing in manufacturing of small wind turbines and wind/solar hybrid systems. Since 2006, a team of engineers developed vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT) for various applications in the small wind turbine segment. They mastered combining unique competitive advantages in one product ranging from 0.25 kW to 10 kW . Many renowned experts, recognitions and awards worldwide, patents and the CE certificate speak for the quality and uniqueness of the technology. Long-term tests of prototypes proved the technical concept and its substantive advantages over other solutions.
:=) :=) Lowest cut-in wind speed, 1.5 m/s for power production+ No noise, no vibrations (soundlevel < 39 dB at 7 m/s and 10 m distance)+ Adaptable for hybrid solutions with solar and other sources of energy+ Highest performance/price ratio+ All weather resistant (ice/heat/salt/sand) at fast changing wind directions+ Comperatively safe for people and birds.

The phantastic SEGWAY

The "Segway" is called "Segway", because it is build by "Segway"!:=) It produces almost no CO2 and makes a lot of fun to drive. It is also used by the german police now,=== > so that they also can have a little fun in their often horrible job. Their special edition goes up to 6OMph. And the german government is becoming more and more environmentally aware now.
The product was unveiled 3 December 2001, in Bryant Park, the privately managed public park located in the New York City borough of Manhattan, on the ABC News morning program

"Good Morning America!".

:=) :=)
But it was found and invented by the great Dean Kamen. His own company is now called DEKA-Research and is developing now more phantastic aids for disabled and in the energy sector, like stirling-engine based home power stations. It is phantastic to have great ideas, but to realize them, is like climbing a 10000 m mountain. It requires enormous mental power.During his career Kamen has won numerous awards. He was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 1997 for his biomedical devices and for making engineering more popular among high school students. In 1999 he was awarded the 5th Annual Heinz Award in Technology, the Economy and Employment, and in 2000 received the National Medal of Technology from then President Clinton for inventions that have advanced medical care worldwide. In April 2002, Kamen was awarded the Lemelson-MIT Prize for inventors, for his invention of the Segway and of an infusion pump for diabetics. In 2003 his "Project Slingshot," a cheap portable water purification system, was named a runner-up for "coolest invention of 2003" by Time magazine.In 2005 he was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame for his invention of the AutoSyringe. In 2006 Kamen was awarded the "Global Humanitarian Action Award" by the United Nations. In 2007 he received the ASME Medal, the highest award from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, in 2008 he was the recipient of the IRI Achievement Award from the Industrial Research Institute, and in 2011 Kamen was awarded the Benjamin Franklin Medal in Mechanical Engineering of the Franklin Institute. Kamen received an honorary "Doctor of Engineering" degree from Kettering University in 2001, an honorary "Doctor of Science" degree from Clarkson University on May 13, 2001, an honorary "Doctor of Science" degree from the University of Arizona on May 16, 2009, and an honorary doctorate from the Wentworth Institute of Technology when he spoke at the college's centennial celebration in 2004, and other honorary doctorates from North Carolina State University in 2005, Bates College in 2007, the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2008,the Illinois Institute of Technology in 2008 and Plymouth State University in May 2008. Kamen, "One of the world's most prominent and prolific inventors", received the prestigious Stevens Honor Award on November 6, 2009, given by the Stevens Institute of Technology and the Stevens Alumni Association. Partly extracted from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dean_Kamen
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Try it out.

It`s a great fun.

USB-Charger for the Bicycle-Dynamo

BUSCH & MÜLLER (bumm.de):=) invented an USB-charger for on the bicycle. It takes the power from any dynamo. Then it becomes regulated to a constant voltage and if wanted stored in an internal accumulator. With it comes a set of cables for many different Handys and USB!

The intention is, that one can keep the smartphone/bike-gps/camera always fully charged during travel. Example: You make a camping-trip. Then make/take a ride, on the bike, and the phone is full again. Brilliant. Also your Bike-GPS stays charged. :=) :=)
They also make brillant lights for front, rear, pedals. Mirrors with security-glass. Lights for the day. And LED-lights for the helmet!!

:=) :=) I am astonished.
The USB charger is fully waterprotected.
It is no cheap garbage.
Just inform yourself over the banner-link.

Underground Silo for up to 200 Bicycles

GIKEN:=) invented a fully automatic under the ground silo for up to 200 Bicycles.
>The "Eco-Cycle".

There is a transponder on each bike, and you have a card to get it back within 15...20 seconds. No bicycle stealing, demolition. Protection from weather. You need not to lock it. Now you can leave your pump on and the bag in the basket.

Giken writes: Bicycle is an easy-to-ride transportation. Recently it is getting a lot of attention as a no emission vehicle. Despite the fact, many things are still left unsolved in Japan. Bicycle roads are not popular, yet. Land values are too high to develop appropriate capacity bicycle parking. That is why nuisance parking is found anywhere at footpath in urban area. Those parked bicycles would spoil surrounding sight and bother ambulance access and fire-fighting operations. It is considered to be a social problem.

Eco-cycle is an anti-seismic mechanical underground parking lot. Giken aggregated own long term experience of press-in technologies and developed the Eco-cycle with the design concept of "Culture Aboveground, Function Underground". If bicycle parking is available near final destination, people use the facility more often. It eventually eliminates nuisance parking at footpath. Such space at footpath can be utilised for cultural activities.

Here is a youtube-film about:F I L M
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Thats the future of healthy transportation!
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Great Chinese Invention: The electric cigarette.


invented the electric cigarette.
You may ask, what has a cigarette to do with the environment? A lot!!

1.) The groundwater isn't poisoned by cigarette ends that are thrown away.

2.) The air is not polluted by tar and stink.

3.) There is no need and risk for fires.

3.) Steamers (The electric smokers) die later now. This saves Energy in the crematories.

4.) There is no tar and no carbonmonoxide in the smoke. This reduces the need for cancer treatments and the associated chemicals. And this is also harming a nations economy!

5.) Children of steaming parents are not exhibited to dangerous smoke anymore.

Cigarette smoke contains 12 000 different substances, that are randomly produced by the burning. Many of them are cancer causing. The electric-cigarette fluids and steam contain only five up to 15 controllable substances.

For more Information please see:
In german:Tabakrauch (Tobacco smoke)
objektives Toxikologisches Gutachten

One could translate this into an English article on Wikipedia.
:=) :=) It is the best advice to stop smoking.
I do it also and it is really a great invention.
And it is much, much cheaper
The nasty cigarette industry makes no profit anymore, then!
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(Let) control your N E S T

NEST invented an intelligent Thermostat.

:=) It watches and analyzes your daily rhythm.
When you get up. When you go to sleep. Which temperatures you need, in which room.

It controls also heat-pumps, for cooling and heating. Solar installations. It even detects when you leave your home and reduces the energy need.

It really learns!

But you never loose control. You can control it over any computer and smartphone, even mobile from anywhere on the world and watch the temperatures at home.
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! The best energy-resource is the saved energy !
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